Thursday, May 2, 2013

Street Style

Hello Everyone -
I'm praising myself for blogging two times in a week, which is a complete miracle for me to be able to do. I'm completely in love with this outfit, I love how clean it is and how it's both edgy and girly. Really I would describe it as street style which is basically how my style naturally is. I got the Celine T-shirt off, the converse's you can find at almost any shoe store, I studded the sides of the converse's myself, If your interested in doing this I ordered the studs online from they were really cheap, only around $5 including shipping. Although I must warn any of you who do decide to stud their converse, your fingers will literally be sore and numb after studding them. My fingers were sore for 2 days after doing this, just a tad painful but totally worth it to me (:. My skirt I actually borrowed from my roommate :P not sure where she got it from although these skirts are quite popular at the moment and are easy to find almost anywhere. I'm also noticing that all white outfits are trending right now. I improvised with an off white skirt to go with my shirt.. I must go shopping for some white bottoms. Another thing that is trending right now is the envelope skirt, Zara has tons of them on their website, I plan on ordering one asap!
Keep Fashion Thrilling!

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